Plymouth offers a dynamic congregation that embraces both traditional and non-traditional membership. Experience God and deepen your spiritual life here at Plymouth Church. Come, join us and participate fully in both the benefits and responsibilities of congregational life. You are welcome here!

Informal Membership

If you would like to experience Plymouth without formal membership, we encourage you to get involved with one of our many ministry groups. Plymouth offers many different ways to explore your gifts and interests.

Formal Membership

Plymouth welcomes new members into the congregation throughout the year. There are no qualifications to join; we request you to attend informal gatherings that explore what joining the congregation and the United Church of Christ means. New Member Sundays, scheduled throughout the year, are festive occasions where your commitment to Plymouth community is recognized and celebrated. Plymouth offers a wonderful tradition of inviting new members to sign the very church roster signed by members  for more than 100 years.

New Member inquiry opportunities are available for people interested in learning more about Plymouth. These meetings provide an opportunity to talk and ask questions about Plymouth and the United Church of Christ. Plymouth is ann open and welcoming congregation to all people.

Would you like  a tour of the Church? Please drop by the office any time; we will show you around your new church home!

Please contact the church office for more information-206.622.4865 or