Clare and Helen Maclay, daughters of Cory and Bill Maclay, are sisters -- okay, maybe they are twins too -- who stress their differences. Yet, they share a common spirituality.

“I have not been and am not now a very religious person” Clare Maclay says.  “Spiritual, yes, but religious, no.”  Her sister, Helen, adds, “I have grown up in the church, so people often assume I am confident about my religious beliefs.  When I look back over my life I don’t see a strong religious path. Instead I see a strong upbringing which has made me confident in who I am and will become.”

“To me, God is like an invisible coach,” Helen continues.  “I am supported and encouraged by a presence I can’t see.  When I feel like I can’t share something with the people I see, I share it with God.”  Clare agrees: “More and more I experience God outside of church.  I see him on the soccer field.  Sometimes before a kick-off, or when a tall defender is blocking my way and I manage to maneuver around them, I feel someone or something standing by my side and helping me.” 

Helen and Clare have been coming to Plymouth almost every Sunday since they were born.  They are now in the Confirmation Class.  They know that faith comes in all sorts of ways for different people, and they both know that they will always be able to call Plymouth home.