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Living Our Priorities

Plymouth UCC Vision: Plymouth Church UCC is a Christian Community open to the transforming Spirit of God.

Plymouth UCC Purpose: Growing people of faith who participate in God's work in the world.

Congregational Conversations April 23

Congregational Conversation April 30

Proposed Bylaw Changes (red line)

Proposed Bylaw Changes (clean)

Annual Meeting Minutes Jan. 2017

Council Minutes Feb. 2017

Council Minutes April 2017

Council Minutes June 2017

Council Minutes September 2017

Council Minutes October 2017

Council Minutes November 2017

Council Minutes December 2017

Agenda/Minutes Forms:

CSSA Agenda/Minutes Form 

Community & Care Agenda/Minutes Form

Council Agenda/Minutes Form

Faith Formation Agenda/Minutes Form 

Nominating Committe Agenda/Minutes Form 

2016 Annual Report

2017 Congregational Council

Al Wallace – MODERATOR
Dan Landes – TREASURER

Doug James, Margot Page, Kathleen Wilson, Kyna Shilling, Madeline Beery, Paul Ford, Jane Dunkel, Katherine Guthrie

2017 Boards

Budget: Dan Landes, Doug James, Al Wallace, Len Anderson, Don Schlosser, Steve Davis (staff)

Faith Formation Board (formerly Adult Education/Children, Youth & Family Board): Curtis Martin, Beth Paul-Russell, Janet Gwilym, Becky Colwell, Tricia Burley, Mark Sandstrom

Community & Care Board: Co-Chairs Susan Berry and Susan MacRae, Al Bentley, Morgan Gwilym Tso, Joey Robinson, Susan Berry, Margaret Kitchell, Meggie Rodgers 

Community Service & Social Action: Chair Joanie Stultz, Anne Mohundro, Sally Andrews, Don Mitchell, Bill Zook, Anna Florey, Dorothy Mann

Nominating Committee: Chair Kathryn Guthrie, Jade Turner, Mae Bell, John Daniels

Human Resources Committee: Susan Berry, Alan Bushley, Phyllis Daniels, Margot Page, Mary Lee Peters

Community Investment Committee: Chair Tony Case, Edie Lackland, John Daniels, Don Schlosser, Margaret Kitchell, Steve Davis (staff)

Finance Committee: Doug James, Paul Ford, Stephanie Jones, Nancy Smith, Madeline Beery

Investment Committee: Don Schlosser, Tad Anderson, Bing Tso, Margaret Kitchell, Edie Lackland, Doug James, Gary Magnuson, Steve Davis (staff)

Library Committee: Ingrid Holmlund, Len Anderson, Kathy Rood, Carrie Stultz, Susan Wahlborg, Don Bell, Suzanne Sanderson (Librarian) Jennifer Castle (staff liaison)

Implementation Team: Kevin Bechtold, Mark Sandstrom, Bing Tso, Lori Kaid

Action Plan Task Forces November 2016

Membership Engagement

Joan Griswold, Bob Woodruff, Janice Randall, Steve Davis, Jennifer Castle, Adele Reynolds, Mark Sandstrom, Jessie Attri, Gary Robins, Anna Colwell, Glenda Carper,  John Daniels,  Phyllis Daniels,  Janet Perry,  Susan MacRae  

Worship Design Team: Courney Hashimoto, Kyna Shilling, Kelle Brown, Wanda Griffiths, Sari Breznau, Donene Blair, Janice Randall

Governance: Al Wallace, Bill Zook, Al Bentley

Plymouth Church recently embarked upon collective conversations and discernment on three key topics:

-Belief & Identity  (Click here for Belief and Identity Conversations)
-Mission  (Click here for Mission Conversations)
-Use of Plymouth Endowment (Click here for Endowment Discussion)

Conversations took place at both Horizon House and Plymouth Church. Summaries of comments shared during these informative, thoughtful gatherings below…
Belief and Identity

Horizon House Responses
The word Christian is vitally important to our identity.
It is strange that Christian is not stated in the UCC Identity statement; it matters!
Is being a Christian now any different now than in other times and places?
Yes, our body of knowledge is greater now than 300 years ago.
Using the term “Christian” comes with deep responsibility.
Christian is extremely important – the example of Christ is what we follow.
Is the lack of the word Christian in UCC statement intentional? To avoid confusion about what kind of Christian?
Followers of Christ, Golden Rule, example of being inclusive.
What about our Congregational identity?
Growing people of “faith” – Faith in what? Whom? Is faith the same as belief?
We struggle with faith.
Faith is more about hope – hope that God hasn’t neglected us.
Faith is belief in love.
Faith is trust that the journey is worthwhile.
Faith includes passion and being called.
Belief sounds more intellectual than faith. Belief is based more on evidence.
Belief = Beloving? per Marcus Borg. Belief is relational.
Christ vs. Jesus?
Better to say “Jesus as the anointed one” or “Jesus as the Christ.” There is no “Christ” without Jesus.
Triune God, resurrected Christ, Lord and Savior – those words don’t resonate. Prefer “transformed Jesus.” Other language reflects ancient times before scientific discovery.
Are we created to belong to a community of faith?
Progressive Christianity
Does scripture still speak today?
Language is ancient, times are different; we need new language. New language may not be “Christian” language. What about non-Christian scripture? What is scripture? Interpretations and translations, etc. Scripture can only speak when you are engaged with it.
Church – what is it?
Church is not confined to location. It is the people. It does exist even when not gathered. Support one another.
If Jesus points to a universal “way” is there anything unique about Christianity?
Are other faiths also working and reworking their identities?
In the name United Church of Christ, Christian is implicit.
Progressive identity of Plymouth is important.
Plymouth Responses
“Christian” is very important, not negotiable.
If Christian were not in neon lights I wouldn’t be here.
Need to add “progressive” and reclaim Christian as progressive.
Reclaim the justice of Christ. Critical and vital.
Church is a hospital to the wounded rather than a courtroom.
Jesus is historical, human, rabbi, teacher, carpenter, healer.
Christ is divine, resurrected, the anointed one, the transformative part of Jesus.
Need room for both. We try to nurture “Christ-like” qualities.
Is the term “Christ” exclusivist? It carries a bigger burden of responsibility.
Resonate more with life of Jesus than “resurrected.”
Progressive Christianity is less exclusive than other forms.
What is important about Christianity?
Jesus is a doorway to what is universal, and makes God attainable. Jesus is the “way” to a universal truth. The incarnation.
Emphasis on love! Emphasis on re-birth.
I don’t need to have Christianity be unique!
Less emphasis on Creed and more on Covenant language.
Less on belief and more on practice.
We have our traditions and scriptures, and not a monopoly on God.
Rather than focusing on “transcending,” Jesus is in the world and in life.
Focused on love, acceptance, community and radical compassion.
We want to be serving and engaged in this way of life.
A way of life that leads to life.

Click here for our 2014 Priorities.

Click here for frequently asked questions about the Sanctuary Improvement Project.


In May, 2013, Plymouth Church Council hosted our annual All-Church Retreat. The outcome of the retreat saw an overwhelming reaffirmation and commitment to our downtown location. We celebrate the fact that we are a city church; it is an asset and a gift. We serve our neighborhood!  

-We want Plymouth to be the church of choice for families with children in downtown.

-We want Plymouth to be a catalyst for outreach and service by young adults and for young adults.

-We want Plymouth to be a spiritual center and sanctuary in the midst of the city through its vital worship, music and the arts.

Also, in 2013-14, Plymouth will embark on the installation of our new Fisk organ. Sanctuary improvements will be made during that process to enhance the worship experience. Find out more every Sunday this summer between the 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. services. The Sanctuary Improvement Project Committee will be available to answer questions. Or email us: sanctuary

View photos of the organ under construction. 



Plymouth Calls Rev. Brandon Duran as Associate Pastor

Plymouth Congregational Church, Seattle, has called the Rev. Brandon Duran as its Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults. He has served Plymouth for the prior two years as Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministry. In his new role, he will develop new forms of outreach and ministry with young adults, oversee existing Plymouth faith formation programs for high school youth, and assist in leading Sunday worship.

This decision is a significant step in alignment with congregational priorities identified in May 2012, which included an emphasis on programs for youth and young adults.

Full News Article


Priorties Conversations Oct. 13 and 14

On Oct. 13 and 14th, members of the congregation met to explore how to live into our congregational priorities. The timing of these events, and a related gathering planned for the weekend of Nov. 10, were triggered by the offer of a significant financial gift to provide a new Fisk organ for the Sanctuary. The Plymouth Council convened the gatherings to understand the congregation's hopes and visions related to our priorities.

At the meetings, participants heard two presentations. One was about the state of Plymouth's organ and the proposed Fisk organ. The other, prepared by the Worship, Art and Music board, was about lessons learned from this summer's experiments with new forms of worship.

Participants then picked one of three congregational priorities as their focus, and spent time in teams developing visions for how they would like to see Plymouth live out that priority. The work of the vision teams was shared out with the large group before adjourning.

If you were not able to be part of the conversations this weekend, you are welcome to create a vision worksheet and submit it to the church office by Friday, Oct. 19.

Notes from all the vision teams will be compiled and posted on the Priorities page as they are available. Details of the next events in this process will be announced. Please watch for an announcement in The Herald in the coming weeks.



Vision Worksheet

Vision Worksheet (Sample Completed)


The Gift and The Organ (Clicking this link will download a Powerpoint File. Click on the downloaded file to make the Slideshow play)

Worship, Art and Music Report


Enormous thanks to Eppie Williamson who transcribed all the notes from the two conversations.

Sticky Notes - Includes Titles of Visions and Common Ground Areas.

Vision Worksheets -- Includes all Vision Worksheets completed and turned in, including YF worksheets which are the last four in the document.

Flip Chart Notes - Includes notes that facilitators took in discussion of individual priorities. Out of these discussions the vision teams formed. Deepening Relationships Music and The Arts Worship

Priorities Conversations Q & A

Feedback Form

Plymouth Imagines its Future in Priorities Conversations


Priorties Conversations Nov. 10 and 11

The Plymouth community gathered on Saturday Nov. 10 and Sunday Nov. 11 to take the next step in our discussion of congregational priorities. The conversations were triggered by the offer of a new organ for the sanctuary and focused on questions of changes to the building that will better enable Plymouth to live into its priorities. Read Entire Article Here.

Audio Recording Of Nov. 10

PDF of Exhibits from Presentation Includes a summary of the themes that emerged from the October conversations and concept drawings for changes to the Sanctuary, the church entrance, Hildebrand, the Chapel and the lobby. This is a large file, please allow sufficient time for it to open.

Feedback Form