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During January, we focused on Earth Spirit, Earth Justice..

February is Black History Month. Join us for art, music and fun every Sunday at 10 am in Rm. 221.


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Building a lifetime of spiritual skills...Together

Welcome to Children, Youth and Family Ministries at Plymouth Church. Here at Plymouth, we are dedicated to creating a gracious, inclusive environment where seeds of faith can take root and grow. We strive to be faithful companions with young people as they discover their journey of faith. In classrooms, service opportunities and in every context, we embrace the truth that all are beloved by God. Together, we look and listen for ways to encounter the dynamic and transformative presence of the still speaking God. We hope to see you soon so we may extend an extravagant welcome to you and your family.

Oct 18, 2016

Janice Randall

We welcomed long time Plymouth member Scott Palmason into Sunday school to practice improv with youth Sunday, October 9.

Scott hails from Los Angeles where he studied and performed improv over the past 10 years. With the K-5 class, Scott started with some warm-up games where they had to come up with an item from a category (ex. types of cereals). These games got the kids moving and…  MORE >>

Topics: church life, church school, Parenting

Feb 16, 2016

Job Available: Disciple

Rosemary Hashimoto

Middle School Youth Job Available:  Disciple Interview Questions

Plymouth middle school youth (MYF) is developing faith and building community by delving deeply into Bible stories. Two questions kids seek answers to are: Who was the Jesus of the New Testament and who is Jesus today?

In January, we explored Jesus’s role with his disciples and designed discipleship…  MORE >>

Topics: church life, church school, lent, our community, Parenting

Feb 10, 2016

Spiritual Tools to Navigate Life: Sunday School grades K - 5

Rosemary Hashimoto

During Lent, children in grades K-5 will gather spiritual tools they can use to navigate life in all its complexity. When they feel uncertain, empty, lost or tempted, they will be equipped with tangible practices to support them. Just as we teach what to do in case of an earthquake, fire or flood, children will learn ways to remember they are not alone. God is there, reaching out to…  MORE >>

Topics: church life, church school, easter

Oct 16, 2016

Kids meet Todd the Firefighter

Janice Randall

K-5 Sunday school had a fun time the 16th. We started off with a quick check in and then did some yoga together! We did animals poses like the frog, the crab, the turtle, the lion and cobra. We then had fun playing a game and discussing Sunday's theme, forgiveness, after reading a story. The real highlight was our special guest and K-5 dad – Todd Matthews. Todd shared with us his life as…  MORE >>

Topics: church life, church school, our community