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Feb 19, 2018

Volunteer to save the world

Suzanne Sanderson, Librarian

Wouldn't it be nice to save the world? You and I know that's not going to happen, but although we can't save the world, we can do some good.

It's Presidents' Day, and there have been presidents who have worked to make the country, and the world, a better place. I think of President Carter who may not have been one of the most powerful or influential presidents, but his moral compass…  MORE >>

Topics: General

Feb 12, 2018

Recommended Reading on the Civil Rights Movement

Suzanne Sanderson, Librarian

I want to tell you about some of the books on the Civil Rights Movement and the African American experience which we have in Plymouth Library. Step through the door to the library, and you can find Mine Eyes Have Seen: Bearing Witness to the Struggle for Civil Rights which is part of Life Magazine's "Great Photographer Series". Then there are The Thunder of Angels: the…  MORE >>

Topics: General

Jan 8, 2018

Science and Religion

Suzanne Sanderson, Librarian

In recent news, it was been announced that the administration is banning certain terms from being used by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in their 2019 budget proposal. Or maybe the CDC decided use of those words would prejudice their ability to get funding. Whichever was the case, you probably now know these terms by heart: vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus,…  MORE >>

Topics: Faith, General

Dec 11, 2017

The Meaning of Christmas

Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

For many of us, the true meaning of Christmas came through Sunday School stories, our participation in Christmas pageants, and setting up nativity scenes. Generally, Santa Claus was not involved in these. I was in a living nativity scene when I was in Sunday School. I must have been eight or nine years old. I was hoping to be Mary or an angel.  My mother had told me about how she had been…  MORE >>

Topics: Faith, General
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