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Articles for May 2016 

May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

As we observe Memorial Day today, I am thinking about wars. Last year, I wrote about World War I, as the world (or many parts of it) were waging that war 100 years ago.. In recent years, there has been increased attention to the First World War and the tremendous toll it took on the affected countries and on the soldiers, many of whom faced unimaginable horrors.  We will continue to see…  MORE >>

Topics: General

May 23, 2016

There's a reason for everything

Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

There's a reason for everything. Well, of course there is. That's like saying "It is what it is". I feel like replying with an eye roll and "Duh!". There is a reason for flood and famine, plague and pestilence. There is a reason for babies dying and mass killings and airplanes falling out of the sky. The reasons why things happen could be due to climate change or malfunctioning machinery or…  MORE >>

Topics: Faith

May 16, 2016


Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

When I think about hunger, I tend to think of it as a third world problem.  Or I might think about the homeless who line up for soup kitchens. But the statistics paint a much larger picture.  In the State of Washington, there are about 400 schools where 70 per cent or more of the students qualify for subsidized meals. In King County, for the 2013-2014 school year, 99,114 children…  MORE >>

May 9, 2016

Our Amazing Brain

Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

Did you see the animated film Inside Out? I thought it would be a great introduction to the study of the brain in a biology class. Or are there brainology classes? Following are the major brainy topics that the film covered.

The brain:

Mapping the mind/Carter, Rita  612.82 CAR

My stroke of insight : a brain scientist's personal journey…  MORE >>

Articles for May 2016