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Suzanne Sanderson, the Plymouth Librarian

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Articles for July 2016 

Jul 25, 2016

Summer Reading Challenge

Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

When you were in school, did you belong to the Summer Reading Club? It was a big deal at my school - and all we got was a certificate. I think that the Children's Librarian at the Columbia Branch Library was the only visitor we ever had to our classroom. She would come twice a year: in the spring to talk about books and in September to give us our certificates. We really liked that break from…  MORE >>

Jul 18, 2016

Play nice

Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

I've always heard that there are two topics of conversation that you should avoid at dinner parties, sorority rush parties, or any other time when you hope people will behave themselves. Of course, they are two of the most interesting topics: politics and religion. I find it fascinating to discuss politics and religion with like-minded people, but as soon as someone disagrees with my views,…  MORE >>

Topics: Faith

Jul 11, 2016

The Dewey Decimal System: So simple a Mudman of Borneo could learn it

Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

When I was a school librarian, I came across a story about a caveman that I used in order to teach the Dewey Decimal System to my students. Now, I don't have any pictures of cavemen, but I do have one of a Mudman - not a real Mudman, but I thought he was real when I suddenly came across him at the Commonwealth Museum in London!  So this story is about a Mudman, and I am sharing with you…  MORE >>

Articles for July 2016