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Suzanne Sanderson, the Plymouth Librarian

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Aug 13, 2018


Suzanne Sanderson, Librarian

Proust memorably took a bite of a madeleine and was transported to the past. For me, a whiff of cigar smoke brings back memories of Christmas gatherings at my great-grandparents' house, and the smell of freshly cut grass takes me back to grade school when we were counting the spring days until the end of the school year.  We all have songs that remind us of significant events, first…  MORE >>

Aug 6, 2018

Feet of Clay

Suzanne Sanderson, Librarian

I've been thinking lately about heroes. We want to find people we can look up to, people who are "larger than life", people like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. But our old heroes are now being exposed as having feet of clay. Washington was a slave owner;  Lincoln used ethnic slurs. The "warts and all" biography has become popular. Tabloid reporting, social media attacks, and…  MORE >>

Topics: Faith, General

Jul 30, 2018


Suzanne Sanderson, Librarian

With immigration so much in the news (see last week's article), I have been thinking of parallels with the past. The United States has not had an unblemished history when dealing with immigrants (willing or the unwilling slaves) or with other groups of people who were "different". Think of the Chinese Exclusion Act and Executive Order 9006 creating the Japanese Relocation Camps. We are now…  MORE >>

Jul 23, 2018

Families Belong Together

Suzanne Sanderson, Librarian

Immigration issues are front page news again with the separation of children from their detained parents. If you have just returned from Mars, this is a bit of the latest news (at the time that I am writing): 

"Federal officials said Friday that 450 children have now been reunited with their parents to comply with a federal judge’s order that the Trump administration…  MORE >>