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April 18, 2017

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Important work has been underway since the first of the year to 1) continue our review of collaborative ministry, 2) prepare by-law amendments allowing for the option of collaborative ministry and 3) complete the United Church of Christ process for calling Rev. Kelle Brown and Rev. Steven Davis to serve Plymouth Church as our ministers. We now embark upon a series of meetings for all members to hear, share in questions and dialogue and vote.

We have operated under a collaborative ministry model since September 2016. Plymouth is blessed by the skill, energy and cooperation that Revs. Brown and Davis bring to this ministry.

We will have three initial congregational conversations. 

The first, 2 pm, Thursday, April 20, takes place at Horizon House Sky Lounge.

At 10 am, April 23, in Hildebrand Hall, Plymouth hosts Pacific Northwest UCC Conference Minister Rev. Mike Denton and University Congregational UCC David Anderson and Rev. Liz Oettinger (who have been working in consultation with Plymouth Council) and others to discuss theological and practical aspects of collaborative ministry, along with by-law amendments to facilitate adding a new model of ministry. After brief remarks, the forum will open to extend an opportunity for questions and answers.

Following 11 am service, April 30, in the Sanctuary, the by-law amendment working group will review proposed amendments. Importantly, the amendments allow for the option of collaborative ministry, if approved by a congregational vote. Both sessions offer conversation on both topics. Additional guests include Jerry Landeen, former University Congregational UCC Moderator, and Margaret Stine, Assistant Moderator at University Congregational.

The option of utilizing the senior minister traditional model of ministry is proposed to remain in the by-laws. Additional amendments are proposed to reflect current operations and governance needs. Susan Berry and prior moderators Richard Wilson and Mike Pierson lead this discussion.

These conversations offer opportunities for input and dialog in preparation for two all-congregation votes scheduled for 1) 12:15 pm, Sunday, May 21 (with lunch) to vote on by-laws and adopt collaborative ministry, and 2) 12:15 pm, Sunday, June 11 (with lunch) to vote on calling Rev. Kelle Brown and Rev. Steven Davis to serve as Plymouth Church’s ministerial leadership. –Al Wallace, Plymouth Church Moderator

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