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August 1, 2018

Please follow these steps to sign up for Simple Church. If you have any problems, ask any staff member to help!

How to sign up for SimpleChurch on a computer:

1.)           Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

2.)           Type “” into the address/task bar.

3.)           If typed correctly, you will see a green page with the Plymouth logo and a “sign in” box.

4.)           Under the “Login” button, there are two blue links. Click the one on the right that says, “Don’t have an account?”

5.)           Type your first name, last name, email address, cell phone number and desired password into the appropriate boxes, and then check “I’m not a robot.”

6.)           After clicking, “I’m not a robot,” you may see a picture cut up into squares like a puzzle. Follow the directions in the blue box and then press “Next” to continue. You may be asked to do this more than once.

7.)           You will then be presented with your new profile, and you have successfully signed up for SimpleChurch.

How to sign up on the phone:

1.)           Open your web browser for: SimpleChurchcrm app and click “install.”

2.)           When it is finished downloading, press the app.

3.)           On the next page, see text that says “ ” Click on the word “domain” and replace it with “plymouthchurchseattle.”

4.)           On the next screen, fill out the information form.

5.)           When finished, on the top right, press “save.”

6.)           Once it takes you to the next screen, you have successfully created a SimpleChurch account.

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