Plymouth Church News

July 20, 2016 Sunday at Plymouth, July 24, 2016: Services, Events and Announcements Services, events and announcements for Sunday, July 17, 2016
July 11, 2016 We are all love We give thanks, express gratitude for the positive changing and challenging influences brought into our life ...
July 11, 2016 Mission giving transforms the Plymouth experience Community Service and Social Action (CSSA): transforming lives today and tomorrow
July 11, 2016 Ending Racism: action follows intention Our reflections were ones of small actions and intentions, such as advocacy and visiting those imprisoned at Clallam Bay.
July 11, 2016 Justice Leadership Interns come home! How can you help get the Justice Leadership Interns moved in to their new home?
July 11, 2016 Let’s go to Guatemala! Habitat for Humanity trip planned for February 2017
July 11, 2016 To every season and purpose Future offers hope, reconciliation and continued service to mission, community and God.
July 11, 2016 Path with Art invites Plymouth All are invited to art classes 3 pm - 5 pm, July 22 - Aug. 12, every Friday, in Occidental Park.
June 30, 2016 Music Notes Organ concert 4:30 pm, Tuesday afternoon, June 28. Meet the Fisk Organ Sunday, July 31 and August 21.
June 30, 2016 Sandwiches, Salads & Lawn Chairs Sunday, July 10, bring your favorite summer salad and lawn chairs for lunch on Plymouth’s patio.