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Social Justice Blog


Feb 11, 2016

What does it take to build a latrine?

The family is required by Habitat to dig the hole for the latrine--a minimum of 12 feet!…  MORE >>

Feb 10, 2016

A new stove for Juanita!

Plymouth volunteers making a difference in Guatamala, making stoves, building houses...…  MORE >>

Feb 8, 2016

Building houses in Guatemala Feb/2016

Today we are building a house in St. Toleman, Guatemala and learning how to tie rebar!…  MORE >>

Dec 10, 2014

Black Friday Reflection

Katherine Guthrie

It felt important and absolutely right to be at Walmart in Lynnwood on Black Friday -- there was no leap of faith to know that it was right for us to be there, supporting people who work hard for so little.  The group felt full of joy and camaraderie, and reminded me once again why I am part of a Christian community.  Because shopping on Black Friday makes me feel…  MORE >>