We didn't achieve independence through peaceful means. Talking and protesting weren't getting the colonists who wanted to separate from England anywhere. So they revolted and out of a bloody war, the United States was born.

Peace is such a huge topic. We wish and hope and pray for it so fervently, but again and again, history repeats itself and violence breaks out.  Will the world ever live in peace? Will disagreements between nations be solved without resorting to war? For some reason, mankind is drawn to war.  Read  War is a force that gives us meaning (Hedges, Chris.  355.02 HED).

Still, we work towards peace, and there have been times when peacemaking has worked. This isn't feeling like one of those times. There isn't peace at home with constant assaults on the values that have defined the United States. There isn't peace around the world with the rise, once again, of nationalistic governments, here and abroad. ("nationalistic: having strong patriotic feelings, especially a belief in the superiority of one's own country over others" per the dictionary - sound familiar?) With our country backing out of treaties, insulting world leaders, and showing in so many ways that we are no longer a beacon of democracy and freedom it will be hard for many to celebrate on Wednesday.

What can we do to regain pride in the United States? Celebrate the good news that we see every day when people protest against injustice. Support those who work to safeguard the freedoms and the ideals that we hold dear and that made up the Constitution. Vote. Be involved. Refuse to countenance a president who refers to a whole political party as his enemy, to the media as his enemy, to anyone who disagrees with him as his enemy. Like the patriots of almost 250 years ago, we may not be able to do everything peacefully.

Ultimately, for Americans to live in peace, we must find a way to heal the tremendous rift in our country. I don't know how that can be done, but maybe a peacemaker will come along to unite us. The Library has so many books on peacemakers. Try these: Albert Schweitzer's ethical vision : a sourcebook (Schweitzer, Albert,  170 SCH) or Rabble-rouser for peace : the authorized biography of Desmond Tutu (Allen, John,  B TUT).

What do the Bible and various theologians have to say about peace?

Covenant of peace : the missing peace in New Testament theology and ethics /Swartley, Willard M.,  261.873

War and peace from Genesis to Revelation : King Jesus' manual of arms for the 'armless /Eller, Vernard.  261.873 ELL

Our God is nonviolent : witnesses in the struggle for peace & justice /Dear, John,  241.697 DEA

Peace /Brueggemann, Walter.  261.873 BRU

What can we do to help the cause of peace?

Just peacemaking : ten practices for abolishing war /  261.873 STA

Ammunition for peacemakers : answers for activists /Moulton, Phillips P.,  261.87 MOU

Practicing peace in times of war /Chèodrèon, Pema.  294.3 CHO

The different drum : community-making and peace /Peck, M. Scott  307 PEC

Make me an instrument of Your peace : living in the spirit of the prayer of Saint Francis /Nerburn, Kent,  248.4 NER

One hope for peace is to raise children who will carry on the struggle for peace. It starts small with children.  Help others. Don't be a bully.

Peace begins with you /Scholes, Katherine.  J 303.6 RR SCH

The peace book /Parr, Todd.  E PAR

Parenting for peace and justice /McGinnis, James B.  649.1 MCG

Young peacemakers project book/Fry-Miller, KathleenJ  327.1 FRY

The enemy : a book about peace /Cali, Davide.  E CAL

The general /Charters, Janet,  E CHA

Why war is never a good idea /Walker, Alice,  E WAL

Let there be peace on earth : and let it begin with me /Jackson, Jill   J 782.4 JAC

Let there be peace: prayers from around the world/Brooks, Jeremy, ed.   J 242.82 BRO

God's dream  Tutu, Desmond, Archbishop  E TUT

There are so many other books on peace in the library, but here we have a book of poems and a CD of songs - from the Mitch Miller show!

Cry out : poets protest the war /  811 CRY 
Peace sing-along/Miller, Mitch  CD MI

Finally, words from a bumpersticker: "Who Would Jesus Bomb?"