Okay, I couldn't resist the title "Give Peas a Chance" after last week's "Give Peace a Chance".  These two articles aren't as far apart as you might think - one about peacemaking and one about food.  People come together around the table.  A sense of community is established. There are traditions around food.  Religious traditions of feasting and fasting, of sacrifice and sacrament.  Food is a weapon when it is withheld from people, but providing food to the hungry (or providing the means of growing food) helps peace to grow.

Make time in your home to share meals.  One Sunday, something our minister said made me think about how important a shared meal is so I created a tradition with my children called "Elegant Dining".  Every Sunday night, I would serve dinner in the dining room using pretty china and napkins.  No television. We would have topics of conversation, sometimes drawn from a favorite book.  My boys looked forward to these dinners.  Sometimes they would make a "cookbook meal".  They would look through cookbooks and plan and cook the meal themselves.  (They both like to cook now that they are adults.)

We have some really great food books in the library.  I found The Meaning of Food (349.1 HAR) to be fascinating.  There are some recipes, but the book focuses on the place of food in life.  Feasting with God: Adventures in Table Spirituality (641.5 WHI) is more about rituals and conversation than it is about recipes, but they are there, too.  Here are some more titles on food - and I bet you can find something about peas in them.

Feeding the hungry:

Faith the cow / Hoover, Susan Bame,  J 363.8 HOO - This book is about the Heifer Project

Jesus freak : feeding, healing, raising the dead / Miles, Sara,  283.092 MIL

Take this bread: a radical conversion / Miles, Sara  277.3 MIL

Uncle Willie and the soup kitchen / DiSalvo, DyAnne.  E DIS

Rich Christians in an age of hunger : moving from affluence to generosity / Sider, Ronald J.  261.8 SID

Food and faith: justice, joy and daily bread /Schut, Michael, ed.  261.832 SCH

Creating traditions:

A continual feast : a cookbook to celebrate the joys of family and faith throughout the Christian year / Vitz, Evelyn Birge.  641.5

Kitchen life : real food for real families, even yours! / Smith, Art,  641.5 SMI

Double take : one fabulous recipe, two finished dishes, feeding vegetarians and omnivores together /Rathbun, A. J.  641.5 

Potluck /Shelby, Anne.  E SHE

New ways to look at food:

The one-block feast : an adventure in food from yard to table / True, Margo.  641.302 TRU

Slow Food Nation's Come to the table : the slow food way of living /  641.5 HER

Three bowl cookbook  / Scott, David,641.5 SCO

Food movements unite! : strategies to transform our food systems  / 338.19 HOL

What the world eats:

What the world eats / Menzel, Peter   641.3 MEN

A moveable feast : life-changing food adventures around the world / 910.4 GEO

The cooking of Brazil /Locricchio, Matthew.  J 641.5 LOC

The cooking of China /Locricchio, Matthew.  J 641.5 LOC

The cooking of France /Locricchio, Matthew.  J 641.5 LOC

The cooking of Greece /Locricchio, Matthew.  J 641.5 LOC

The cooking of India /Locricchio, Matthew.  J 641.5 LOC

The cooking of Italy /Locricchio, Matthew.  J 641.5 LOC

The cooking of Mexico /Locricchio, Matthew.  J 641.5 LOC

The cooking of Thailand /Locricchio, Matthew.  J 641.5 LOC

Fiesta para 10 /Falwell, Cathryn.  E FAL

Granny Torrelli makes soup /Creech, Sharon.  J F CRE

Hot, sour, salty, sweet/Smith, Sherri L.  J F SMI

Stir it up! : a novel /Ganeshram, Ramin.  J F GAN

(The photo was taken in the restaurant of the newly opened Nordic Museum in Ballard. I recommend the food and the museum!)