If you've been around Seattle for awhile - well, for 55 years - you'll probably remember going to the Seattle World's Fair.  This picture was taken soon after the fair opened by my great-aunt when she and my grandmother visited the fair.  Not too long ago, some former classmates of mine were chatting on Facebook about going to the fair, and how everyone got dressed up in suits and dresses and nylon stockings.  I don't feel like it was so long ago, but oh my, how times have changed.  It's all history now.  

What I have gathered for you today are some of the books at Plymouth Library about the history of Seattle.  Early 

seattlehistory and recent history.  What Seattle looked like, the history of Plymouth Congregational Church, the history of some organizations, the stories of some residents.  If you've been around Seattle for awhile, these books may bring back memories or remind you of stories your parents or grandparents told you.  If you are new to Seattle (am I saying that you're new to Seattle if you haven't been here at least 55 years?), here are some great stories about our city.  Some of the books are historic, themselves, and rather quaint.  Come in and explore.

The future remembered : the 1962 Seattle World's Fair and its legacy /Becker, Paula.  979.7772 BEC

Seattle cityscape /Steinbrueck, Victor  .917.97 STE

Skid road : an informal portrait of Seattle /Morgan, Murray  ,979.777 MOR

Sweetbriar /Wilbee, Brenda.  B DEN

Four wagons west : the story of Seattle /Watt, Roberta Frye.  917.97 WAT

Northwest gateway, the story of the port of Seattle,  Binns, Archie,  917.97 BIN

Pictorial history of Seattle: Seattle after the great fire of 1889  Warren, Jim  917.97 WAR

Seattle: the growth of the city  Holmes, Alexander  917.97 HOL

The pioneers of Lake View: a guide to Seattle's early settlers and their cemetery  Ferguson, Robert  979.777 FER

Hiking Washington's history /Bentley, Judy.  917.97 BEN

Seattle : city by the sound /Bragg, L. E.  J 979.7772 BRA

Generation to generation : the story of the Church Council of Greater Seattle, 1919-1995.  277.97 GEN

The path we came by: a history of Plymouth Congregational Church, Seattle, Washington, 1869-1937  Rayner, Alice D.  285.8 RAY

Seeking to serve : the legacy of Seattle's Plymouth Congregational Church /Andrews, Mildred Tanner.  285.834 AND

Seattle women : a legacy of community development /Andrews, Mildred Tanner.  305.409 AND

History of Seattle Milk Fund, 1907-1992  Snapp. Sieg  361.97977 SNA

Seattle's women teachers of the interwar years: Shapers of a livable city  Pieroth, Doris Hinson  371.1 PIE

Routes : a brief history of public transportation in metropolitan Seattle /Crowley, Walt.  388.4 CRO

Nisei daughter /Sone, Monica,  B SON

Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet : a novel /Ford, Jamie  F FOR

Seattle's other history: our Asian-American heritage  Burke, Edward and Elizabeth  979.7772 BUR

Seattle in Black and white : the Congress of Racial Equality and the fight for equal opportunity   323.1196 SIN

The forging of a black community : Seattle's Central District, from 1870 through the Civil Rights Era /Taylor, Quintard.  979.7 TAY

The lost bank : the story of Washington Mutual--the biggest bank failure in American history /Grind, Kirsten.  332.3 GRI

Seattle and the demons of ambition : a love story /Moody, Fred.  306.09797 MOO