It felt important and absolutely right to be at Walmart in Lynnwood on Black Friday -- there was no leap of faith to know that it was right for us to be there, supporting people who work hard for so little.  The group felt full of joy and camaraderie, and reminded me once again why I am part of a Christian community.  Because shopping on Black Friday makes me feel more empty, like nothing is ever enough, whereas being a follower of Christ means knowing that there is always enough for everyone.

Almost as soon as we arrived, three managerial types came outside, looking nervous, one talking on the phone.  We saw a police car drive by slowly.  The man in charge told us we had to move way out into the parking lot, but after we'd gone a ways we realized that many in the group had turned around and were back near the store entrance.  So we returned also, and I noticed that my kids looked worried.  I told them that we were going to be OK, if we had to move again we would, but that the managers' attention showed how important it was to be there, that threatening the way things are is scary for many people.  

My kids added these comments: It was a little scary, but nice to think about helping making workers' lives better, and fun to be with everyone and have people honk their horns driving by when we were out by the main road. 

David adds that it felt good to do something, especially to avoid feeling hopeless and helpless about the world.