When I was in grade school, we eagerly awaited the two days a year when we had class parties: Halloween and Valentine's Day.  Halloween was my favorite because we got to dress up and parade through all the classrooms.  No store bought costumes for us.  There were always a few ghosts in cut-up sheets, hobos, cowboys, clowns, princesses.  One of the stranger outfits that I wore involved a pair of red silk Chinese pajamas and a black, cat's nose and whiskers drawn on with an eye-liner pencil.  Was I supposed to be "the cat's pajamas"?

I couldn't wait until I was old enough to go out trick or treating.  At last, I was five years old! It was Halloween! I had an ear ache, and my mother insisted that I go to bed.  I remember looking out my window at Ricky and Liner in their sheets, knocking on the door, asking if Suzanne could come out trick or treating with them.  Obviously, I still haven't gotten over that.  But given how much my mother liked chocolate, it must have been a hard decision to keep me home!

My children have their own Halloween memories (perhaps of me confiscating all their Mounds bars), and I am sure you do, too.  For the youngest generation, here are some books that can become a part of their Halloween traditions:

Glow-in-the-dark Halloween/Bridwell, Norman  E BRI

The Halloween play /Bond, Felicia.  E BON

Happy Halloween, Biscuit! /Capucilli, Alyssa Satin  E CAP

One Halloween night /Teague, Mark  E TEA

Pumpkin eye /Fleming, Denise  E FLE

Trick or treat countdown /Hubbard, Patricia   E HUB

The Penny Whistle Halloween book /Brokaw, Meredith  J 793.2 BRO

Cemetery Street/Seabrooke, Brenda  J F SEA

Meet Molly, an American girl /Tripp, Valerie  JF TRI

A Newbery Halloween : a dozen scary stories by Newbery award-winning authors /J F GRE