Is there anything better than a brand-new book? Well, maybe.... But for a dedicated reader, new books can be pretty exciting. Thanks to an increase in the Library's budget for 2017, we have an increase in hot-off-the-press books. Some are still "on order" at Seattle Public Library and the King County Library System, and once the books arrive, the waitlist is huge. You, however, can go to Plymouth Library and get the books now. All I ask is that you return the books so that others can check them out. Find them on the New Books cart or the display shelves in the Library.

Here are some books that deal with the issues we are all talking about:

Alt-America : the rise of the radical right in the age of Trump /Neiwert, David A.

No is not enough : resisting Trump's shock politics and winning the world we need /Klein, Naomi

Demagoguery and democracy /Roberts-Miller, Patricia

Faith and resistance in the age of Trump 

A good that transcends : how US culture undermines environmental reform /Freyfogle, Eric T.

Stamped from the beginning : the definitive history of racist ideas in America /Kendi, Ibram X.

The color of law : a forgotten history of how our government segregated America /Rothstein, Richard

Tears we cannot stop : a sermon to white America /Dyson, Michael Eric

The underground railroad : a novel /Whitehead, Colson - Fiction

Redemption songs : suing for freedom before Dred Scott /VanderVelde, Lea

Between the world and me /Coates, Ta-Nehisi

Deep denial : the persistence of white supremacy in United States history and life /Billings, David

John Lewis : get in the way  - DVD

America's original sin : racism, white privilege, and the bridge to a new America /Wallis, Jim

Soul repair : recovering from moral injury after war /Brock, Rita Nakashima

When we rise : my life in the movement /Jones, Cleve

Freedom of speech : mightier than the sword /Shipler, David K.

Our Declaration : a reading of the Declaration of Independence in defense of equality /Allen, Danielle S.

These are books (and DVDs and CDs) about how people live in the world, about science and medecine, and fictional stories about past wars:

My couch is your couch: exploring how people live around the world/Galimberti, Gabriele

The gene : an intimate history /Mukherjee, Siddhartha,

Cancer is funny : keeping faith in stage-serious chemo /Micheli, Jason,

Curiosity with Stephen Hawking. Did God create the universe? - DVD

The universe in your hand : a journey through space, time and beyond /Galfard, Christophe,

A year of living virtuously : weekends off /Jordan, Teresa.

Some assembly required : a journal of my son's first son /Lamott, Anne

Humans of New York : stories /Stanton, Brandon,

Embracing American song/Brown, Anthony and Lisa Bergman - CD

This American life. Season one  - DVD

Shooting in the dark /Hougan, Carolyn - Fiction

Going after Cacciato /O'Brien, Tim - Fiction

Religious subjects - and some music CDs. (I wanted to get some CDs by Anthony Brown who recently performed here at Plymouth. Who knew that there are two Anthony Browns who sing spirituals and gospel music? We've got both!)

Letters to Jacob : mostly about prayer /John-Julian

The rise and fall of Adam and Eve /Greenblatt, Stephen

Heirs to forgotten kingdoms : journeys into the disappearing religions of the Middle East /Russell, Gerard.

Apostle, or, Bones that shine like fire : travels among the tombs of the twelve /Bissell, Tom

The fourth gospel : tales of a Jewish mystic /Spong, John Shelby.

Toward a true kinship of faiths : how the world's religions can come together /Bstan-Êdzin-rgya-mtsho

Jesus among other gods : the absolute claims of the Christian message /Zacharias, Ravi K.

The last word : beyond the Bible wars to a new understanding of the authority of Scripture /Wright, N. T.

Journey to the common good /Brueggemann, Walter.

Found : a story of questions, grace, and everyday prayer /Boyett, Micha.

Everyday Jesus/Brown, Anthony & group therAPy - CD

A long way from Sunday/Brown, Anthony - CD

Spirituals/Brown, Anthony - CD