You may have read in the Herald: "National and local experts and practitioners facilitate a training January 28-30, 2018, in Seattle, to educate, network and equip faith leaders to better advocate against a narrative of fear and divisiveness in our country. Training includes: Basics of Islam and Islamophobia,  How the rise in Islamophobia threatens us all,  Who American Muslims are,  How anti-Muslim bigotry shows up in laws and policies,  How to locate and address our fears,  How to respond to common misconceptions and questions about Islam and Muslims, Strategies for faith communities to make effective change." If you can't make the workshop, here are some books on various aspects of Islam from Plymouth Library: 

Acts of faith : the story of an American Muslim, the struggle for the soul of a generation /Patel, Eboo,  305.6 PAT

After the prophet : the epic story of the Shia-Sunni split in Islam /Hazleton, Lesley,  297.8 HAZ

Bill Moyers on faith & reason/DVD 210 BIL

A brief illustrated guide to understanding Islam /Ibrahim, I. A.  297 IBR

The caged virgin : an emancipation proclamation for women and Islam /Hirsi Ali, Ayaan,  297.082 HIR
The essential Koran : the heart of Islam : an introductory selection of readings from the Quran /297.122 KOR

Faith : five religions and what they share /Steckel, Richard.  J 200 RR STE

The fragrance of faith : the enlightened heart of Islam /Rahman, Jamal D.,  297 RAH

From Mumbai to Mecca /Trojanow, Ilija.  297.352 TRO

The genius of Islam : how Muslims made the modern world /Barnard, Bryn.  J 297.2 RR BA

God's crucible : Islam and the making of Europe, 570 to 1215 /Lewis, David L.,  940.1 LEW

A history of God : the 4000-year quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam /Armstrong, Karen,  291.21 ARM

The Holy Qu'ran: Arabic text, English translation and commentary/Ali, Maulina Muhammad  297.122 KOR

I am Muslim /Chalfonte, Jessica.  J 297 CHA

Islam /Wallace, Holly,  J 297 WAL

Islam : a short history /Armstrong, Karen,  297.09 ARM

Islam and the West /Lewis, Bernard,  303.48 LEW

Islam in America /Melman, Anna.  297.0973 MEL

Islam in America / Smith, Jane I.  297 SMI

Islam: an illustrated history/Jordan, Michael  297 JOR

Journey of the jihadist : inside Muslim militancy /Gerges, Fawaz A.,  322.4 GER

Martyrs : innocence, vengeance, and despair in the Middle East /Davis, Joyce,  297.7 DAV

Memories of Muhammad : why the Prophet matters /Safi, Omid,  297.63 SAF 
Muslim child : understanding Islam through stories and poems /Khan, Rukhsana,  J 297 KAH

No god but God : the origins and evolution of Islam /Aslan, Reza  297 ASL

The other Islam : Sufism and the road to global harmony /Schwartz, Stephen,  297.409 SCH
Portrait of Islam : a journey through the Muslim world /Laurance, Robin.  909.097 LAU

Ramadan /Ghazi, Suhaib Hamid.  J 297.36 GHA

Ramadan moon/Robert, Na'ima B.  E ROB

Recognizing Islam : religion and society in the modern Arab world /Gilsenan, Michael.  297.0917 GIL

The religion of Islam : a comprehensive discussion of the sources, principles and practices of Islam /Ali, Muhammad,  297 ALI

Religious traditions of the world : a journey through Africa, Mesoamerica, North America, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, China, and Japan /R 291 EAR

Responses to 101 questions on Islam/Renard, John  297 REN

The scimitar and the veil: extraordinary women of Islam/Heath, Jennifer  297 HEA
Toward a true kinship of faiths : how the world's religions can come together /Bstan-Êdzin-rgya-mtsho,  201.5 BST

What do we know about Islam? /Shahrukh Husain.  J 297 HUS

What I believe /Brown, Alan,  J 291 BRO

The wisdom of faith/DVD 200 WIS

(Photo taken by my cousin in Dubai who wrote: "From the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, looking down at the world's largest man-made lake, at fountains and Dubai Mall, currently the world's largest mall.")