Recently, I was walking around Green Lake, and I saw a woman sitting at a table that had a sign on it: "Free Poems". Of course I wanted a poem! We talked for quite awhile, and this is what she wrote:


I read to find the answer to the mystery between these pages -

You are writing me the way I live -

You travel through my heart -

I feel your journey, words of conflict, joy, renunciation -

How we live - 

The message passed on like a pocket watch ticking the narrative of passing time

    - Melanie Reed, 2018

(If you see her while you are walking or biking or rollerblading around Green Lake, she will happily accept a donation in exchange for a poem.)

Poetry distills so much sentiment into so few words. We have many books of poetry in the library. Here are just a few: books of poetry, novels in verse, biographies of poets. I hope you will be inspired to check out some of these titles.

Dashed dreams and diamonds : dangerous memories and impatient truths : stories from seven women of the gospel /Repikoff, Patricia Clemens.   811 REP

Drawn to the light : poems on Rembrandt's religious paintings /McEntyre, Marilyn Chandler,   813 MCE

Emily Dickinson and the art of belief /Lundin, Roger.   B DIC

The Enlightened heart : an anthology of sacred poetry /808.8193 ENL

Faith and doubt : an anthology of poems / 808 VEC

Freedom like sunlight : praisesongs for Black Americans /Lewis, J. Patrick.   J 811 LEW

The gift : poems by the great Sufi master /Hafiz,   891.5511 HAF

A girl named Mister /Grimes, Nikki.    F GRI

God went to beauty school /Rylant, Cynthia.   811 RYL

I heard God talking to me : William Edmondson and his stone carvings /Spires, Elizabeth.   811 SPI

I'm nobody! Who are you? Poems of Emily Dickinson for young people/Dickinson, Emily   J811 DIC

Miss Crandall's school for young ladies and little misses of color : poems /Alexander, Elizabeth,   J 811 ALE

Mr. Ferlinghetti's poem /Frampton, David.   E FRA

A poet's bible : rediscovering the voices of the original text /Rosenberg, David,   811 ROS

Stop pretending : what happened when my big sister went crazy /Sones, Sonya.   811 SON

The stream & the sapphire : selected poems on religious themes /Levertov, Denise,   811.54 LEV

Till I end my song : a gathering of last poems /809.1 BLO

Why war is never a good idea /Walker, Alice,   E WAL

The wisdom of George Herbert/Herbert, George   821.3 HER

A wreath for Emmett Till /Nelson, Marilyn,   811 NEL