In the tradition of the Congregational Church, members carry the power of the Church as they assemble in a congregational meeting. However, congregational meetings cannot function effectively in making the myriad of decisions required to operate the Church. So congregational meetings are reserved for making major decisions, such as calling a Senior Minister or Associate Minister and approving annual budget. 

The Church has established a Congregational Council comprised of four elected officers (Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Treasurer and Secretary) and thirteen elected non-officer members. Congregational Council acts for the Church except for matters reserved for congregational meetings. This includes overall planning and evaluation of Church programs, exercising general oversight of administration, property and finances of the Church and appointing members to Council committees. 

Congregational Council members are elected to two-year terms, and serve up to two consecutive full terms. 

2016 Congregational Council

Jon Palmason – MODERATOR
Kathleen Wilson – SECRETARY
Doug James – TREASURER

Greg Anacker
Kevin Bechtold
Madeline Beery
Paul Ford
Katherine Guthrie
Dan Landes
Cory Maclay
Margot Page
Nancy Parker
Mary Lee Peters
Bing Tso

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Jennifer Castle Director of Faith Formation, 206.622.4865 ext 16 or