Plymouth offers a variety companioning ministry opportunities that are ministries of presence, listening and pastoral care.

BeFriender Ministry

BeFriender Ministers are members who provide the care of a listening presence to other Plymouth members going through a difficult time.  Those times might be times of transition, loss, grief, or other challenges. BeFrienders receive extensive training and engage in a discernment process in deciding to become a BeFriender minister.

Time Commitment:  BeFriender training is 20 hours long and occurs as needed. BeFriender relationships are time limited, but BeFriender ministers must be able to visit two to four times a month for at least one hour when they are paired with members. In addition to training, BeFrienders must attend monthly group meetings.


Companions seek to be present, listen and offer hospitality to those in special need who come in search of sanctuary or connection with others. “Being a companion is about forming relationships with people you wouldn’t ordinarily know. I get as much out of the relationships I develop as the people with whom I am talking. These talks seldom solve problems, but end up being special for both of us.” Jock Akin, Plymouth Companion

Time commitment:  One Sunday per month from 8:45 am until the end of the hospitality hour. Contact the Parish Nursh to attend a Companion training.

All of Plymouth's companioning ministries are coordinated by the Parish Nurse. See contact information below.

For more information, please contact:

June Hayakawa-Fung Parish Nurse, 206.622.4865 or