Mary’s Ministry is a team of women dedicated to helping the homeless and formerly homeless who are served by the Church of Mary Magdalene and Mary's Place.  At Mary’s Place, women and their children can find comfort in the form of meals, hospitality, social services, health services and spiritual fulfillment.  There are a variety of ways to volunteer as part of Mary’s Ministry Team.  Mary’s Ministry team members collect lingerie, hats, gloves, scarves and toiletries as well as prepare and serve lunch 4 or more Saturdays a year.  They also help at the Church of Mary Magdalene and Mary's Place fund raising events such as the Hats and Tea annual auction and the annual luncheon. Ministry Team members also build one-on-one relationships with the women of Mary’s Place by interacting with the women in a variety of ways.  Examples include washing feet, massaging hands, performing reiki, and offering classes.  These relationships mean so much both to the women of Mary’s Place and to the members of Mary’s Ministry Team.  The time commitment is variable, depending on availability and interest. 

For more information, please contact:

Barbara Campbell, 206-215-1287 or