The UCC Justice and Peace Action Network (JPANet) is our denomination's grassroots advocacy network composed of individual members and local UCC churches. The JPANet both educates and engages its members in shaping public policy in keeping with God's vision of a just and loving society. Their work is grounded in General Synod resolutions, consonant with historic UCC witness, and formed by a biblical understanding of prophetic ministry.  JPANet members collectively advocate on a variety of issues for social change that promotes the Common Good. 

“Charity means helping the victims. Justice asks, "Why are there so many victims?" and then seeks to change the causes of victimization. Justice is about social transformation... We are all called to be political in the broad sense of being aware of the impact of systems on people's lives and of God's passion for those who are disadvantaged and victimized by systems.”  - from The Heart of Christianity, (page 201) by Marcus J. Borg

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