Middle school years are big years in the lives of teens: school, friends, faith and sexual development. Plymouth strives to support teens by offering programs to help them develop into the incredible people God created them to be. Confirmation, offered every other year, covers big topics, like God, Jesus, Bible, sin, grace, sacraments, world religions and how they relate to Christianity, discipleship and more. Each confirmand writes a faith statement. Each confirmand has a mentor, who helps them write their faith statements, walks with them through the confirmation year and helps students discern where they are on their faith journey.

Supporting youth to make healthy choices and learn about themselves as they grow into adults, Plymouth offers middle school Our Whole Lives: Sexuality and Our Faith program in alternate years (2017). The program, co-written by the United Church of Christ and Unitarian Universalists, has been successfully used in the Pacific Northwest Conference of the UCC for several years. Class runs 20 weeks during between September and June with a retreat at the beginning and end.

If it is your youth’s first Sunday at Plymouth, we encourage you to accompany your youth to the class in order to meet the teachers and leaders of the class. We request that you complete a registration form provided by the teacher. At any and every point in this process parents are welcome to participate and observe in the class. Class length varies. Please see the schedule in the Youth and Family section for each week.

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