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Simply Faith

Mar 23, 2016

Prayer for Holy Wednesday

Jennifer Castle

God of all humanity
in times of violence 
we see how inhuman we can be.

We pray for those who, today, are weighed down by grief.
We pray for those who, yesterday, were weighed down by grief.
And the day before. 
And all days before.

We pray, too, for those who help us turn towards justice and peace.
Turn us all towards justice and…  MORE >>

Topics: Devotionals

Mar 22, 2016

Prayer for Holy Tuesday

Jennifer Castle

God of such unwavering love, 
how do I "celebrate" 
the passion and death of Jesus? 
I often want to look the other way 
and not watch, 
not stay with Jesus in his suffering. 
Give me the strength 
to see his love with honesty and compassion 
and to feel deeply 
your own forgiveness and mercy for…  MORE >>

Topics: Devotionals

Mar 21, 2016

Prayer for Holy Monday

Jennifer Castle

t was on a Monday that Jesus
demonstrated and spoke out against
oppression, exploitation and corruption.
So today we pray,
Holy source of all that is,
comforter of the oppressed and grieving,
strengthen those who fear the terror of the night,
or daily life;
rescue the distressed;
be present to those who call on your name,
to those we named on…  MORE >>

Topics: Devotionals

Mar 20, 2016

Palm Sunday - Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Jennifer Castle

…  MORE >>

Topics: Devotionals, Video