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Simply Faith

Articles for June 2014 

Jun 19, 2014

Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show as a Spiritual Practice?

Jennifer Castle

What connects us to God in our daily lives?  I've been thinking about spiritual practices, and would like to focus on them both personally and in my work at Plymouth to strengthen the everyday connection to God.  Traditional spiritual practices include (but are not limited to) prayer, fasting, worship, providing hospitality, confession - basic churchy kinds of things.  I am not…  MORE >>

Topics: Devotionals

Jun 10, 2014

Who Sees the Real You?

Jennifer Castle

In last week's post I challenged us to think about what version of ourselves we present to the world.  In keeping with this theme, I found a video on You Tube that asks the question, "who sees the real you?"

What struck me when watching is that most of those interviewed identified only one person.  What are we so afraid of?  Why do we feel like our true selves…  MORE >>

Topics: Devotionals, Video
Articles for June 2014