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June: Children of Abraham

Join us for art, music and fun every Sunday at 10 am in Rm. 221.


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Building a lifetime of spiritual skills...Together

Articles for scripture 

Aug 22, 2013

Kindergarten & 3rd Grade Bibles

Karen Hollis

This Sunday Plymouth Church will be giving Bibles to Kindergarten and 3rd graders! The Kindergarten children will receive the Children of God Storybook Bible with Bible stories retold by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The stories are told in language little ones can understand and the illustrations are offered by a diversity of artists from around the world.

The 3rd graders will receive the…  MORE >>

Topics: church school, scripture

Nov 15, 2012

Sharing God's Plan: God uses us as his hands and feet

Karen Hollis

Matthew 25

Jesus said, "In time, God will gather all people together and will separate them liek a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. To those who helped God's dream come true, he will say, 'You are blessed, for I was hungry, and you gave me food; I was thirsty, and you gave me water; I was a stranger, and you welcomed me; I was naked, and you gave me clothes; I was sick,…  MORE >>

Topics: justice, scripture

Oct 10, 2012

Faith Essentials , Focus Passage: Mark 10:17-31

Karen Hollis

Hard Choices

When I was in my twenties I spent 8 months backpacking through Southeast Asia, India and Nepal. It was an eye-opening adventure that took me into places of extreme beauty and abject poverty. At one point I trekked in the Himalayas for days on end with nothing but a daypack strapped to my back. To keep the weight in the pack to a minimum, I…  MORE >>

Topics: church school, scripture, spirit sighting

Oct 8, 2012

Love from Desmond Tutu

Karen Hollis

The Law of Love - Mark 12

Sometimes it seems like there are so many rules. It is often hard to know which ones are most important. In Jesus' time, peopel argued about which rule was the most important to God.

One of the leders, bent over with age and wisdom, heard Jesus teaching his followers. The elder thought to himself, Wow! This guy really knows what he is talking about.…  MORE >>

Topics: books, church school, scripture
Articles for scripture 
Important Notice

Plymouth Church UCC Worship is an online webinar through Zoom, and shared on our Plymouth YouTube Channel and Facebook pages each Sunday.  Please join us for Worship, then for Virtual Coffee Hour following on Zoom.

We look to God for the breaking of oppression and healing in the land. Let us stand together with one voice as we watch, fight, and pray with life prioritized.

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