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June: Children of Abraham

Join us for art, music and fun every Sunday at 10 am in Rm. 221.


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Building a lifetime of spiritual skills...Together

Articles for communion 

Jul 2, 2012


Brandon Duran

This past Sunday we celebrated communion. I was struck again by the inherent equality in the celebration of communion.  Each one takes a piece of bread and a little juice.  There is a beautiful levelling and unifying effect.

During this season in the lectionary we are moving through the second letter to the church in Corinth.  This video below opens up the 2 Corinthians…  MORE >>

Topics: church life, communion, justice

Jan 31, 2012

Where is the presence of Christ?

Brandon Duran

This Sunday we celebrate communion once again. This video begins in Marburg, Germany with the disagreement between Luther and Zwingli concerning the presence of Christ in the celebration of communion. Yet the question, "Where is Christ?" extends through the centuries and well beyond the bread and the cup. Check out this video reflection below.…  MORE >>

Topics: communion, our community, worship

Jun 3, 2011

Celebrating Communion at Plymouth

Rev. Brandon Duran

This Sunday, June 5th, we will continue our tradition of celebrating communion on the first Sunday of the month. Communion at Plymouth is more than a marker of the beginning of a new month. In fact, after asking a few members, I learned there is a breadth and depth of significance around the bread and the cup for the members of Plymouth.

Over the past couple of months I have asked…  MORE >>

Topics: communion

Apr 14, 2011

Taken, Blessed, Broken, Shared

Rev. Brandon Duran

The partaking of holy communion in our church is a wonderful celebration. The opportunity to share in the administration of the bread and the cup is a blessed experience. Check out the note from Ruth Williamson regarding the opportunity to serve from table of Christ.

Adult opportunity--We're creating a pool of willing and able communion servers, and would love to have…  MORE >>

Topics: communion, worship
Articles for communion 
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Church staff are mostly working remotely. Pastoral care is via telephone (206.622.4865 *833) checked daily or email.  If you have personal concerns, need to contact someone on staff or contact a minister: Click here for email addresses  or call 206.622.4865, checked daily. Staff respond daily. Continue to our HOME PAGE by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner for priority information.