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Articles for December 2013 

Dec 30, 2013

More Reviews from Plymouth Members

Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

To bring us into the new year, here are two more reviews of books in the Plymouth Library.

From George:

Book:  Destiny of the Republic (A Tale of Madness, Medicine & the Murder of a President)

By:      Candice Millard

First published:  2011 by…  MORE >>

Topics: General

Dec 23, 2013

Plymouth Church Members Review Books and Movies

Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

As a special Christmas present to you, I am sharing some comments I've received on this blog where Church members have written about books and movies they have enjoyed from the Plymouth Library.  (This is also a Christmas present to me - I love to hear what people think of what they've been reading!)  As restaurant servers say, "Enjoy".

From Ingrid:

From…  MORE >>

Topics: Faith, General
Articles for December 2013