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Articles for February 2015 

Feb 23, 2015

It's a Mystery!

Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

Inspired by two television shows about priest-detectives, I was busily researching an article for the Library blog when Mary Ann Gwin, the Seattle Times Book Editor, beat me to the punch.  Maybe you read her column in the February 8 edition of the newspaper.  She wrote about the books by G.K. Chesterton and James Runcie on which the Father Brown and Grantchester (respectively)…  MORE >>

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Feb 16, 2015

Presidents Day

Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

When I was in school, we celebrated the birthdays of George Washington (February 22) and Abraham Lincoln (February 12). Washington was the Father of our Country, he never told a lie, and he didn't smile. He chopped down a cherry tree, and that is why we would eat cherry pie on his birthday.  (My mother also had a dish towel with cherries on it which she would use around…  MORE >>

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Feb 9, 2015

A Short History of Valentine's Day

Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

Valentine's Day is coming and thoughts go to love and romance (and chocolate)

St. Valentine's Day started as a religious celebration and is still a feast day in the Anglican Church. There are a number of early Christian saints named Valentinus and various legends to explain the origin of St. Valentine's Day. You can read about them in Saint Valentine by…  MORE >>

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Feb 2, 2015

God is still speaking

Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

God is still speaking.  Are you listening?  This month's theme for Plymouth Church is Prayer and Making Ritual. There are many kinds of prayer: praise, thanksgiving, and intercession are just a few.  Every prayer should be a conversation with God.  Sometimes we are so busy talking that we forget to listen.

This past year, I have been the chair of the search…  MORE >>

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Articles for February 2015