Back from the Brink 

March 24, 2020

Eliminate Nuclear Weapons: Join the UCC "Back From The Brink" Task Force

At our General Synod last summer in Milwaukee, WI, the UCC passed a resolution on nuclear disarmament ("RESOLUTION Calling for the United States to pull 'Back From The Brink' and Prevent Nuclear War").  The resolution calls on the UCC to strengthen our efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons by supporting a nationwide “Back from the Brink” (BftB) effort that seeks to pass city, state, and federal resolutions that affirm five simple principles:  

  • Renounce first use
  • End sole authority of president
  • End hair-trigger alert
  • End weapon modernization/enhancement
  • Pursue global elimination 

To help implement this resolution, we seek support from Just Peace advocates willing to link with existing efforts to pass resolutions, or initiate new ones in our communities.  Here is a map that shows where resolutions have already been passed, and were efforts are currently under way.  Support from the UCC is needed to see that this effort grows and we need YOU to make that happen. 

Will you consider joining an implementation team to connect UCC churches and advocates to the Back from the Brink campaign?  If so,  fill out this survey or contact who will let us know.

-Peace, Joe Scarry and Michael Neuroth, UCC Just Peace

Plymouth's Peace Action Group is supporting this effort through both the UCC and Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility 'Anti Nuclear Coalition'. We invite you to join us in this effort.  

-Adele Reynolds, for Plymouth's  Peace Action Group

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