Celebrate with People's Institute 

December 4, 2018

Celebrate 25 years of dedicated undoing racism work in the Northwest, at the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond Anti-racist Storytelling Event and Gala, 6 to 9 pm, Saturday, Dec 15, in Hildebrand Hall. Volunteers are still needed! Contact website or the facebook page to view all the events and participate!

As part of the weeklong activities leading up to the Gala, European Dissent invites participation in a white anti-racist storytelling event for children and families, 5:30 to 9 pm, Dec 10 at Madrona Grace Presbyterian Church. Explore the past 25 years, from solidarity and struggles to feelings of collective power and connection. Suggestions for starting points:

1. What are some stories of struggle and strength in your experience/organizing work?

2. What or who keeps you in this work and who are you accountable to?

3. How has your organizing work shifted in the last 25 years? Describe things that caused those shifts?

 If you are unable to attend, they would still love to hear your stories! Send typed narrative, video recording or audio recording to: noodlebug9996@gmail.com. Stories will be shared at Dec 15 Gala, and a complete archive of anti-racist white organizing stories will be created.

 Volunteers needed

Enjoy food, music, storytelling, dancing and more at the Gala event, Dec 15 here at Plymouth. Volunteers needed:

 - Set tables and decorate Hildebrand and rooms 221-225 all day Saturday.

- Gala is 6-9 pm. Need Plymouth people stationed around the building to welcome people – at garage entries, elevators, front door, etc.

- Child care assistance, meal serving and clean up.

Plymouth member Elizabeth Maher adds, “This is an amazing opportunity to be an ally to an incredibly active and diverse community of people committed to racial justice. It is also an opportunity to experience a Black-centric event, which isn't something many white people get to do in our culture. I promise you, the energy and joy will be contagious.”

Complete list of all events.


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