Challenge and Change, Rest and Respite 

February 15, 2021

Challenge and change, and in some cases loss and/or hardship have pervaded the last year for many.  In the face of these and other tests, the small but mighty Plymouth staff has helped create and sustain our virtual church, which in turn has helped sustain and grow the Plymouth community.  Much of the ongoing work to keep Plymouth thriving is largely invisible and seen only in results, including online church services, book groups, and prayer meetings.  

In the unprecedented year we’ve all been through, several staff members have foregone earned time off, including bereavement or sabbatical time, just to keep Plymouth going.  After so many months of pushing on and pushing through myriad professional, personal, and societal challenges, there comes a time when deep rest and spiritual rejuvenation are needed.   Without intentional rest, there can be no rejuvenation.  Put another way, life cannot be sustained from an empty well.

There is never an ideal time to interrupt the flow of to-do lists, events, and rhythms, but there comes a time when not resting is no longer an option—for the well-being  of individuals as well as organizations.  We want and need to ensure that keeping Plymouth running AND thriving is something both sustainable AND sustaining for those involved.  

To this end, Plymouth staff will take an overdue and well-earned respite for the first two weeks of March.  Stay tuned for details regarding how this will affect church services and activities.  

On behalf of the Plymouth Council, I want to say a bottomless thank you to the staff for ALL they’ve done to go above and beyond in the past year, and to wish each staff member true rest and replenishment.  

-Al Bentley, Moderator, Nan Macy, Vice-Moderator

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