Christmas Flowers 

December 22, 2017

Flowers given in memory of, or in honor of…

Geraldine Emmert Rood, from Kathy Rood

Phyllis Anderson, from Richard Anderson

John Power, Evelyn Wong, from Karen and Don Gwilym

John and Jean Haigh, from Jeanette and Ken Hagen

John Blaine, Lillian and Wallace Davis, from Lauren Davis

Kay Kilbourn, from Tom Kilbourn

Rev. David Colwell, on his birthday and anniversary, December 19, from Catherine Colwell and Family

Gretchen Hull, from Jim Halfaker

Millie Hirst, from Bev DeCook

Connie Wentzel, from Catie and Richard Wilson

Al Bergman and Our Parents, from Ardy Bergman

Ernest and Alberta Colglazier, and Bob Hanson, from Bertha Hanson

Ken Crisp, from Bob Woodruff

William Wait, from Pam and Don Miles

Jack Robins, from Charlotte, Gary and Michaela Robins




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