Council Corner 

May 22, 2018

It has been a while since I last wrote a reflection on all that is happening with Plymouth’s Council. And, while many things are happening, one key challenge is keeping you informed in a timely and complete manner. We recognize that information can’t always be in just one place. Please know that Steve, our Executive Minister and Janice, our Director of Communications, are actively working on how we get information out to all of you. We are a diverse and widespread congregation and disseminating information requires many options. Be sure to check our website  and Facebook page, open your digital Herald and read the Thursday eblast.

I want to celebrate all that is happening here! Plymouth, you are alive and engaged. And you are evolving. Sunday, May 13, we hosted Big Hats and Bow Ties, an incredible Mother’s Day celebration. While I was unable to attend, the feedback I received was so incredibly positive. A great time was had by all, and I loved seeing all the social media postings with pictures. It was a great gathering of many, and a great celebration of mothers.

On the Council, our focus has been on having open and honest discussions. The last two Council meetings focused on the many worship opportunities available at Plymouth. We worship together Sundays during more traditional worship, and Wednesday morning Bible study, Friday night movies and other gatherings of people in small and large groups. While the latter are informal, they are other ways to feel and connect with the Spirit. In our last Council meeting, we welcomed the Immigration Ministry team to share the great work they have been doing and talk about their plan for sharing this work with the wider congregation. We will explore and discuss at the next Council meeting how best to accomplish this task.

Another key step we are taking is to establish Council Liaisons within each Committee and Board. Clear connections back to the Council from all our Committees and Boards are crucial. Communication and collaboration are vital to Plymouth’s overall health so we all ensure we are moving in the same direction. 

Council members, our ministers and staff have a lot to do. In August, leadership will plan for 2019. While I don’t want to lose focus on 2018, we simply must begin our planning sooner than we have in the past so there is time to accomplish our goals. Early planning also helps us plan the budget for the following year when we have a more clear, detailed understanding of what we plan to accomplish.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to me by email ( Council Corner starts Sundays in June, so you can ask your questions of us in the Lounge. – Grateful to all, Lorelie Kaid, Plymouth Moderator


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