Different, And Rising 

March 31, 2020

Sometimes all you can do is dig into your reserves and gather your coping skills or your memories of them and hold on. You pray the breath prayers to God, asking for strength and courage.

We are different. The impact is real. Honestly, for so many, this is too much. However, let me say with all the compassion I can muster that there is more road to travel in this desperately uncomfortable seat. And there is no way we can get through this unscathed or without impact. The virus and poor response to it are our seat mates, and we’ll just keep praying together their stop comes before ours. 

And yet, we are almost through Lent. The church calendar is not simply a passive thing. It is a journey of faith, a blessed but difficult gateway to help us know that we are moving through and to something. Lent is a chrysalis. It pulls you in to a tight space so that you can be ready for true resurrection when it comes. The gift is that if we embrace it, it can change us and prepare us with resilience, joy and a deeper sense of meaning.

Yes. We are different, and soon we will come out of this cocoon together. I pray we know that even still, we will rise. With Jesus, we will rise! —Rev. Dr. Kelle Brown

Topics: Church Life, Easter



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