Eng House: New Housing for Plymouth Healing Communities 

August 29, 2018

When it came time for Jack and Margarita Eng to move into their daughter’s home, they faced the difficult decision of whom to trust with their beloved family home. Jack lived in the house over 70 years, and with Margarita, raised their family there. As next-door neighbors to our House of Healing, the Engs came to know and appreciate Plymouth Healing Community’s mission.

Together, we watched the neighborhood transition into block after block of condominiums. We both wanted to save their beautiful old home and create community with the House of Healing. After rejecting multiple attractive offers from condo developers, the Engs agreed to sell their house to PHC. Jack is especially pleased that both his family home and the Eng family name will be carried into future generations.

Eng House purchased with help from Plymouth Church Community Investment Bridge Loan
After agreeing with the Engs to purchase their home, PHC needed to give them time to sort through a lifetime of belongings. "We needed time, too, to raise necessary funds to purchase and renovate Eng House. By September 2017 when we purchased the house, PHC made progress with funding applications, but we did not yet have funds in hand." said Nancy Smith. 
Fortunately, Plymouth Church UCC’s Community Investment Loans are structured for just such circumstances. "PHC feels very grateful for the Plymouth Church Community Investment bridge loan for Eng House. In October, 2018, we will pay it back. Early funding of a project is the hardest to find and the most useful. Thank you, Plymouth!"



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