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March 24, 2020

Your voice bent the moral arc of the universe more towards justice! The intense 60-day legislative session ended March 12, with final concurrence on the last bills, debate, and party-line adoption of the supplemental operating budget which included funding for a lot of housing and human service programs. Several bills FAN worked on passed which had a significant racial equity or environmental impact. Our state legislature is more culturally diverse than ever before, and the prime sponsor of each of these bills are members of color.

HB 1783, Rep. Gregerson – Establishes a state racial equity office within the Governor’s office, the first of its kind in the nation.

HB 2551, Rep. Lekanoff – Allows Native American students to wear their tribal regalia during their graduation ceremony.

HB 2567 Rep. Thai – Courts Open to All Act: Prohibits federal immigration agents from communicating with and arresting people at and around county courthouses.

HB 2602, Rep. Morgan – Establishes hair styles as a protected civil right, especially in workplaces.

Other bills that passed which FAN worked on or supported towards racial equity and economic justice:

HB 1590 Rep. Doglio – Gives authority to city and county councils to increase local sales and use taxes by one tenth of one percent to dedicate to affordable housing.

HB 1694 Rep. Morgan – Allows apartment move-in fees to be paid in installments.

HB 2231 Rep. Pellicciotti – Bail jumping bill: Reforms our current bail system to create more racial, economic, and legal equity by allowing judges the right to determine consequences for missed court hearings, rather than prosecutors.

HB 2277 Rep. Peterson – Bans the use of solitary confinement in our juvenile justice system.

HB 2441 Rep. Entenman – Reforms the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program around time limits and sanctions.

HB 2455 Rep. Kilduff – GRADS bill: Creates childcare opportunities for teenage parents to attend high school and create self-sufficiency.

HB 2456 Rep. Callan – Extends the assistance received from the Working Connections Child Care program from the current 4 months to 12 for families experiencing homelessness.

HB 2660, Rep. Riccelli – Increases access to free school meals for high-eligibility areas.

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