Health News for September 

September 15, 2020

Get your flu vaccine early, it is available now! This time of COVID-19 has been unprecedented, in so many ways. Now there is much concern about this year’s flu season being compounded by COVID-19. One way to counteract this is to get your flu vaccine now. We know the flu vaccine not only reduces your risk of getting the flu, if you do get it, it reduces the severity and hospitalization. This year, it could help keep you out of the clinics and hospitals where they are likely to be busy caring for COVID cases. For more information please go to:

National Recovery month. September is a time to acknowledge and support those in recovery. As with so many other issues, COVID-19 has made recovery and mental health even more challenging. What can you do? 

It is so important to reach out and connect with those who are walking a path towards recovery. At the root of recovery is connection. With support, treatment, and strong community connections, people can, and do recover.” Public Health Insider

For more information please go to:

Suicide Awareness-Prevention month. This is yet another area that has been exacerbated by COVID-19. Increased isolation, uncertainty and financial hardships all add to the stress of our daily lives. Major risk factors for suicide include:

  • Prior suicide attempt(s)
  • Misuse and abuse of alcohol or other drugs
  • Mental disorders, particularly depression and other mood disorders
  • Access to lethal means
  • Knowing someone who died by suicide, particularly a family member
  • Social isolation
  • Chronic disease and disability
  • Lack of access to behavioral health care

Learn more about suicide risk and protective factors:

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline toll-free number, 1-800-273-TALK(8255) connects the caller to a certified crisis center near where the call is placed.

Last and certainly not least, is our poor air quality. Seattle and the surrounding areas have had the worst air quality in the world this week, and it is taking longer than originally thought, to clear. In my last check we went from Very Unhealthy to Unhealthy today (9/16/20). It is best to stay indoors now, with the windows closed. Learn more at:, also

This is a tremendous amount to hold and deal with friends. Take care of yourselves and stay connected. Remember to reach out for more support from the Care Team through email or by calling 206.622.4865 and leaving a message on the Care Line, checked daily. 

-June Hayakawa-Fung, Faith Community Nurse

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