Hold On 

April 27, 2021

"The pain that made you the odd one out is the story that connects you to a healing world." –Tanya Markul

The psalmist asked, “How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever?”  In his lament, David wondered how long God would hide from him and how long sorrow would linger in his heart. Day by day, the sorrow seems to compound, does it not? 

It can all feel like too much, and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to go with all this knotted pain.

Yet, we must let go of forced normalcy. Together, we must not believe that change and transformation are punishment when our central Christian story is one of resurrection. “Normal” has died!  It isn’t coming back, and resurrection cannot be experienced longing for stillness and familiarity. Yes, there will be things that will be like what we’ve known, but we have to be prepared to accept that much may be different and unrecognizable.

Some are ready to return to buildings, to stop wearing masks and are generally assuming that being tired of this may make the virus to go away. Let us be careful, and trust in science while being faithful. Plymouth Church maintains our posture to hold on until all of us can return safely. This is a posture of patience and believing that whatever is ahead for us, we will navigate with confidence, with God as our helper.

David was in despair, and perhaps David was like many of us who simply wanted things to be the way they used to be. By the end of the psalm, however, he declared his trust in God, and sang of God’s goodness and providence. No one wants sorrow, but sorrow may help us to prepare for the new thing that is sure to come. Sorrow may be a guide to move us when we might not otherwise. Let us not resist the work that lament invites, for though it makes us different, it also makes us whole and the Beloved Community.

Your pain is a path to your healing. Walk it. Discover how alive you can become. Walk it. Know joy again. Feel held and loved. Hold on. -Rev. Dr. Kelle Brown



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