Immigration Workshop, Part 4: "Where Are The Christians?" 

February 25, 2020

Don't miss our fourth and final in a series of thought-provoking Immigration workshops  led by Reverend Diakonda Gurning, this Sunday, March 1 at 11:45 am. (Attendance at any of the previous 3 is not required.) 

At Workshop # 3 (2/23), Reverend Gurning walked us through key points in the history of immigration in the U.S., including low paying jobs building the railroad, factory work, and farming and then, when  the tasks were accomplished,  asked to leave or treated as enemies as Japanese Americans were during WWII, or as aliens when Mexicans took Japanese farmers' places under the retracted Bracero Program. Many of us were surprised to learn that the 1952 McKenna Walter Act stated that it was a lawful requirement that immigrants demonstrate the ability to read, write, speak and understand English.  Corruption at Ellis Island, allowing people who could pay bribes to judges, even if sick, was a truth some families experienced.  We reviewed the church’s response and often silence, regarding unjust treatment towards immigrants.  Some of us wondered why we were only now learning this history that had happened so long ago, and also pondered what we do not know about what is happening today.  From our library volunteer, Ingrid Holmlund ,  we learned of Plymouth’s compassionate response with housing, training and jobs to displaced families after WWII and later, Vietnamese, Southeast Asian, and Chilean refugees.

Reverend Gurning asked us (at times when immigrants are persecuted or suffering), “Where were the Christians?”  and invited us to consider how we will respond to Jesus’ call to welcome those who are hungry, thirsty, fleeing oppression and persecution. (Matthew 25:33). 

Please join us March 1 at 11:45 -1:15  as we continue to explore and share how we at Plymouth will answer Jesus and care for immigrants in our midst who have left their homes seeking safety, only to be met with policies that send a message that says there is no place for them here.

A light lunch will be served. All ages are welcome. 

Anne Kiemle, for the Immigration Ministry Team



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