It’s a Wrap! N-Sid-Sen 2013 

November 30, 2012

Thanks to all who attended N-Sid-Sen family camp this year on the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene. We look forward to next year and are recruiting volunteers now! Contact Jennifer Castle:

Here are just a few of the comments people shared about their week-long experience:

What did you learn in camp this week?

• To face my fears of confrontation with issues at home and intimate conversation with strangers as well as the fear of the unknown in relation to religion

• How to clog

• To be flexible and go with the flow

• Got to know new people

• Reminded to reach out in love and patience and to lose judgment

• We all need to ask for help sometimes.

• Learned a lot about myself

• I value the support of the Plymouth community more than I ever realized.

• I find joy in watching children and adults grow and flower.

• It’s wonderful to have new people and families among us.

• There are many different ways to have faith.

What experiences would you like to see incorp-orated into Plymouth life?

• A worship similar to the way Brigitta ran the morning worship by the lake

• Take the time to make deeper connections with other members.

• More meaningful conversations and interactive worship

• A greater variety of hymns similar to the ones sung at camp

• Small groups meeting on Wednesday nights (not just book groups)

• Intergenerational small groups

• Reunions of small groups from camp

• Prayer partners

• More family fun events

What did you like about the morning adult program?

• Intimate sharing and openness

• Having a safe space to get to know people on a deeper level

• The content and the intent was fabulous.

• Enjoyed youth being integrated

• Sharing personal stories with others

• The program searched deep within me and allowed me to share my innermost feelings.

• It was nice getting to know people who I’d smiled at but never talked to.

• Most profound, most personally revealing program I have ever experienced

• The small group curriculum worked amazingly in my small group.

• It was very refreshing.

• I could speak freely and openly.

• The chance to discuss serious things like forgiveness, regret and acceptance

What did you like about the morning children’s program?

• Kids enjoyed the different activities.

• Good structured time for kids to work with each other

• Talking with friends

• That it exists and my kids enjoy going

• The kids were always engaged.

• Activities were very hands on.

• My kids love movement; clogging was great!

• The crafts were fun.

• Building boats together

• I got to run around!

• New kids were welcomed with open arms and well integrated into the group.

• Great, I want this program at my house year round!

Ideas for next year

• Adult craft time

• More music less talking (vespers)

• Other types of dancing too

• Game night in the lodge

• Improv sessions

• A second variety show with one act limit

• Song circles

• Evening Bible study

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