Journeying Through Sunday School: Musings by Brandon Duran 

February 9, 2011

Journey is a common metaphor in scripture and a familiar way for us to talk about the life of faith. In the church school we are halfway through the journey of this program year and I am amazed at how much ground we have covered. I applaud the grace, the effort, and the insight the Children and Youth Board, the teaching teams, and the Focus program leaders have invested into our youngest sisters and brothers at Plymouth. The implementation of new structures, new curriculum, and new programs has made the first leg of this year’s journey fly by.

The church school at Plymouth begins its second semester this Sunday, February 13 The Hebrew scripture for this sixth Sunday in Epiphany plays a beautiful note that sets the tone for the second half of the program year’s journey. Deuteronomy 30:15-20 urges ancients and moderns alike to choose the way of life.

Deuteronomy tells the story of Israel within the story of the God of grace, deliverance, and promise. The book progresses with tales of missteps, detours, and words of wisdom on how to live intentionally as a people of God.

As Deuteronomy comes to close it encapsulates its core with the question, which way will we walk? The lesson plans, the art projects, the songs, and the skits are all prepared with the hope that we are inspiring the children of Plymouth to choose the way of life. Walking this way of life means moving through the world in such a way that fosters life for the other, that brings about blessing, and that seeks harmony with God and with creation.

Teaching the children and youth of Plymouth to choose God’s way of life is the privilege of the entire community. It is the whole church, both present and past, which encourages the way of life through testimony and ministry. Each of us model this way of God for our youth with every act of compassion and every risk we take to stand alongside the vulnerable.

We in the UCC are at home with the metaphor of journey. Perhaps we are drawn to the metaphor’s implications of process, of movement, and of inclusivity. The metaphor of the journey captures the ever evolving dynamic of God’s relationship with creation. By walking in God’s way we hold fast to the author of life and we express our love for the God who first loved us. As we enter the last half of this program year at Plymouth may we learn together how to walk God’s ways of life.

Topics: Church Life, Confirmation, Focus Program


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