Let's Roll! 

January 8, 2019

Volunteer Painting Opportunities available now! Plymouth Healing Communities’ House of Healing on Beacon Hill is receiving upgrades and the work includes interior painting. Providing shelter and companionship for almost two decades to persons with a history of mental health challenges and homelessness, Plymouth Healing Communities is organizing volunteer painting crews for three or four hours for: 9 am, Saturday, January 26; 1 pm, Sunday, February 10; and 10 am, Wednesday, February 13. We look forward to offering a spruced-up home to new residents and companions soon. If you can help or would like more information before you commit, please contact Mike Pierson at MikePierson2@gmail.com or 206.604.8673. Plymouth Church Holy Rollers continue to do volunteer painting, the first Saturday most every month at a Downtown Emergency Service Center-operated building. Additional volunteers are always welcome. Try it! Please contact Adele Reynolds at AdeleReynolds@netscape.net.

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