New in Covenant: Welcome Chuck Miles 

December 18, 2018

New in covenant, Chuck Miles grew up, one of three siblings, in Garden City, Kansas, where his father worked as a farm machinery dealer, and Chuck worked every summer. His mother was a nurse. Chuck attended and was baptized in the Garden City Community Congregational Church.

Chuck completed his undergraduate work at Ft. Hays State College, and then joined the Peace Corps. He traveled to Peru for two years, helped build a school, taught literacy in a departmental penitentiary with an Anglican nun named Julia Lord and was sports director for a boy’s orphanage. “Travel is a strong interest of mine. I have visited Europe, South America, Africa and Asia,” he says.

Following the Peace Corps, Chuck taught as a graduate teaching assistant at Kansas State University and Purdue University. He moved to Seattle in 1972 and taught at Highline College until he retired in 1998.

He now lives near Pike Place Market and was delighted to find Plymouth. “I went to the internet to see if there was a Congregational Church near me. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw there was such a church not far from where I live. I heard Dr. Brown say my first Sunday in church, ‘If you're here, you're welcome.’ That welcoming statement, her message and the spirituality of the congregants told me I was in the right place.”

When asked what or whom most inspires him, Chuck said, “I am VERY inspired by what women accomplished in the 2018 elections. And, I am proud of the men who supported their efforts.”

Now that Chuck has landed in his church home he added, “My friend Dave and I looked at the list of volunteer activities suggested by the church. We noticed many activities we would enjoy doing together.”

Welcome Chuck!

 Photo: New in covenant November 2018. Churck Miles is far left.

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