Pastoral Musings: Whose Agenda? 

March 18, 2013

A contemporary temptation in popular theology — and the rage in Christian publishing — is to put Jesus into a coat and tie to teach a leadership seminar. The Sermon on the Mount is replaced by the Sermon from the Top Floor Corner Office. Jesus’ disciples become his management team. The Bible becomes the strategic plan. Jesus the Savior remains, to be sure. But now, it is Jesus, the “Mentor”.

It’s easy to re-clothe Jesus in contemporary images to meet current needs rather than to let Jesus be Jesus .… We want God to solve our problems as we perceive them, in the way we think is best. We want Jesus to be the champion of our causes, whatever they may be. We want God to take our side in every conflict, from family squabbles to international politics. And when things don't go our way, we are quick to conclude that God or Jesus has let us down.

But the Palm Sunday story should remind us that this is not how it works. Jesus will not simply step in to champion our causes any more than he would champion the cause of Jewish independence two thousand years ago. Jesus on a donkey's back was a sign and we ought to take heed. Jesus is not interested in our agenda; Jesus has his own agenda.

--Brigitta Remole

Topics: Church Life, Easter


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