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February 11, 2020

The Plymouth Men’s Retreat is an opportunity for Plymouth men to come together and share in fellowship, good times, reflections and learning. This year’s retreat will again be held at Pilgrim Firs from Friday, February 28, to Sunday, March 1. The theme is “This I Believe.”

“This I Believe” is a concept that originated in the 1950s, when Edward R. Murrow solicited brief belief statements from prominent figures (e.g., Eleanor Roosevelt, William O. Douglas, Jackie Robinson) to broadcast over the radio. The concept was revived in 2005-09, when less-renowned folks started writing their own “I believe” statements, some of which were heard on National Public Radio.

Led by Charlie Torres and Al Bentley, we will listen to some of the essays (selected from the 100 recorded belief statements that have been reviewed by the leadership) and offer opportunities for the creation and sharing of our own. Register at church this Sunday or click here to register online now.

-- Al Bentley, for the Planning Committee

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