Conference Offers Class for Church Leadership 

September 10, 2018

Pacific Northwest Conference UCC Committees on Ministry offers  church ministry class,  Sunday, October 14, on Mercer Island.

Many qualities are needed for effective church ministry in these challenging times, so many that no one minister can possess them all.  “What are the qualities most needed in our church setting at this point in our history?” These classes are designed to inform clergy and lay leaders about the 48 Marks identified by United Church of Christ to assist churches in assessing marks essential to their ministry. the new proposed Marks consist of forty-eight qualities and learnings, broken into eight categories.

 ·   Exhibiting a Spiritual Foundation and On-going Spiritual Practice

·    Nurturing UCC Identity

·    Building Transformational Leadership Skills                                                      

·    Engaging Sacred Stories and Traditions                                                                  

·    Caring for All Creation                                                                                                         

·    Participating in Theological Praxis                                                                            

·    Working Together for Justice and Mercy                                                                

·    Strengthening Inter- and Intra- Personal Assets                                              

Class is designed for clergy and church members who serve on Personnel Committees, Church Council, Pastoral Relations Committees, Faith Formation and Search Committees.

Led by Rev. Tara Barber, cost is $35. Registration required by Oct 1. For questions or details, Contact Peggy Derick (westside COM Co-chair) or 425.495.0628.

Register here 

Topics: Church Life, Events



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