September Photography Exhibition: Light and Darkness 

September 7, 2018

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never mastered it.” John 1:5

We seem to be living in a time of increasing darkness: political polarization, environmental degradation, growing racism, increasing xenophobia, scapegoating, people fleeing violence, drought, war and unemployment. Liberal politics of the New Deal and the Great Society are past. Similar changes are happening in Europe and parts of Latin America.

Despair is one response; or demonstrations, outrage and protests. Looking for the light; seeking new ways in politics, environmental care, justice and respect are other responses.

In times of environmental degradation, climate change and people staring at screens, nearly oblivious to what I think of as the real world, it is no accident that I am attracted to landscape photographs. Perhaps they will help people notice and value the majesty of God’s created world.

For years, I have experimented with low light photography. Digital cameras do not see in dim light like the human eye. The camera, with an exposure of several, or many seconds, can see colors where I can see only black and gray. Results are often surprising and can be quite dramatic. When the sun is in the scene, the camera can offer astonishing results.
In total darkness, neither we, nor the camera can see anything. But at dawn and dusk, sunset and sunrise, the camera can show us a different world from what we normally see.

I hope these images serve as a reminder that grace, not just darkness, is coming into the world and remind us to look for the light. –Bob Turner

PHOTO: Ivory Lodge by moonlight, Zimbabwe, April 29, 2018

Photographs will be for sale and Turner will donate 50% back to Plymouth toward scholarships for those who wish to participate in faith-building activities such as Undoing Institutional Racism Workshops, mission trips and N-Sid-Sen all ages camp.



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